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This site started out as an informational site to people attending our wedding as they were literally coming from all over the world. As we weren't getting married in the Netherlands but in America, the rules differed, the program differed and trying to get people together from 3 different continents was easier if the source of information could be taken from the internet at any given moment from any computer in the world.

Now that everything is finished, we decided to open the site to the public for a while, so people can see how it went. One side note: there will not be many photos of me in my dress because I'm having a discussion with the designer of my dress and things are getting nasty.




As you have continued reading, I assume you're interested to find out what this site holds as far as information is concerned. It will tell you why we chose South Carolina; it will tell you who we are, the places we picked for our locations and why, it will tell you about our day and it will give you a review of the businesses we used. Some of them will receive a raving review. Others, on the other hand, were major disappointments and that will also be in the review. In any event, I hope you will find the information useful.

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